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Two Black Library Digital Books — Free

The Black Library has started an e-book store. They are giving out free digital books on Friday’s as a promotion. This week they gave TWO! Horus Rising by Dan Abnett as an audio release and Troll Slayer by William King . The Horus Heresy project from The Black Library is epic, with great stories of betrayal and heroism from many of their best authors. Troll Slayer is a part of the infamous Gortek and Felix saga. Absolute must reads for games who enjoy the fluff around the game system — like me!

Horus Rising Two Black Library Digital Books    Free

Black Library Digital uses Mobi and Epub readers. I downloaded Mobipocket Reader Desktop 6.2. It looks good! The Horus Rising audio is a huge MP3.

Lots of good inspiration for 40k terrain and Warhammer scenery can be found in these books, and in the new digital formats, they just can’t be more convenient.  You should check it out.

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