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Registered for Adepticon!

The Hydra Registered for Adepticon!

I registered for Adepticon this morning. Adepticon is a great tournament in a nice venue outside Chicago. The Lombard Westin is completely invaded with gamers for a three day epic event. Hundreds of games tables, dozens of events, and lots of cool stuff to see. I’m going to do several things. I’m going to work on my 40k Terrain as I learn about Hirts Arts  Terrain and Casting. I’m also going to work on my miniatures painting skills by taking a 4-hour course on advanced painting  from Mathieu Fontaine. My skills for making Warhammer Scenery and models should improve as I take a short course on concept figure drawing.

BUT ITS A GAME CONVENTION, you might say. I’ve got that covered, too. I’m playing in one of the 40k Combat Patrol tournaments and Brian has registered us for the WFB Teams Tournament. 40k Combat Patrol is a small format game with just a few squads battling it out on 4′x4′ tables and is my favorite 40k format — very focused, very intense, and playable in 90 minutes. It’s great fun.

Hope to see you there!

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