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Cities of Death Warhammer Scenery Project

Cities of Death from Max 300x225 Cities of Death Warhammer Scenery Project

Courtesy of Max's Gallery (http://picasaweb.google.com/littlebattlefield)

I’ve been thinking for weeks about what my next Warhammer Scenery project is going to be. I love the pictures in on the Web and in Games-Workshop of massive, ruined filled Cities of Death game board. That would be just a blast to build and play on! It’s tough — I don’t want to do a a massive 40k Terrain battle scape that takes six months to build. I want to work on my armies and play lots of Warhammer 40k games, too, after all. Not to mention large project like that get out hand and tend to never be done. And, I want my labors to be available for playing quickly.

After great thought and consideration, I’ve come up with a modular project. I’m going to do a classic Empire of Man city on multiple levels. The game board will be made of two or four pieces and form a standard 4′x8′ play surface. I’ll be able to move those pieces around to a few different configurations. I’m going to have an industrial level, a residential and administrative level, and then some form of water feature. The residential and administrative level will be made mostly of Cities of Death models. You know the ones: Imperial Sector, Shrine of the Aquila, Manufactorum, Basilica Administratum, and Sanctum Imperials. I’ve started acquiring some of that already.

Cities of Death 40k Terrain 01 300x225 Cities of Death Warhammer Scenery ProjectI’ve tried doing some preliminary sketches. They weren’t ready for human consumption. I’ll keep trying. I’ve got to come up with a staged approach. I think I’ll do a basic 4′x4′ board of open concrete first. Then I’ll do rubble and obstacles, followed up by a few ruined buildings. This will let me play the Alpha-level games with a few stratagems. Of course, I’ll have to make the stratagems, too. After that, I’ll start on the main game board. It’s going to be great  fun — I love making Warhammer scenery!

I can’t wait to get my Imperial Guard Army on the board.

Imperial Guard Warhammer Armies01 225x300 Cities of Death Warhammer Scenery Project

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