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40k Terrain Planet Strike compiles articles and tutorials on terrain projects specially suited for Warhammer 40k games of planetary assault. Playing Warhammer on Planetstrike scale is to field large forces that will witness massive devastation. Advanced weapons obliterate units and landscape while both players control a variety of stratagems to try to swing the balance of the battle their way. Planetstrike uses unique Warhammer scenery and weapons to reflect planetary defenses — bastions, interceptor guns, defense lines, and fortresses.  These become a critical factor as squads and other units fight to destroy or control key Planetstrike terrain. Planet Strike introduces a wide range of attack and defense stratagems to increase the intensity of games even further. Phil Kelly summarizes the ferocity of the battles and the arrogance of the combatants in a simple quote on the back cover of this th 40k Warhammer Planetstrike expansion rule book:

” An entire planet bristlin with the most devastating weaponry Mankind can devise. And yet, within a few blood and brutal days, all this will be ours…” - Huron Blackheart, Master of the Read Corsairs

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