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Warhammer 40k Terrain Tank Trap Video

Cities of Death 207 300x225 Warhammer 40k Terrain Tank Trap VideoAfter weeks of toil, my first Cities of Death project is coming through. I’ve completed 2 0f the 13 Warhammer 40k Terrain pieces and the others should be knocked out pretty quickly now. AND, I made a complete video of how to make the Tank Traps — I’ve embedded the video at the end of this post.

The terrain looks superb. I used Behr house paint and some craft grade acrylics to paint the terrain. Dark grey on the base painted to look like pavement and lighter grey for the tank traps to make them look like concrete. I used a lighter brown and tan look for the debris because that’s the color of the stone I’ll have for the city. I finished up with a few 40k bitz to add flavor — the tank traps are working as shown by the Ork Trukk debris and the hatch from an Imperial Guard Chimera. The Chimera’s paint scheme is set to match the Imperial Guard army I’ve been slowly making.

Cities of Death 209 300x225 Warhammer 40k Terrain Tank Trap VideoCities of Death 208 300x225 Warhammer 40k Terrain Tank Trap Video

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