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Cities of Death

40k Terrain Cities of Death provides articles and tutorials on terrain project specially suited for Warhammer city scape games. Playing Warhammer in ravaged cities is intense and changes 40k game dynamics dramatically. Line-of-site becomes a critical factor as squads and other units use the cover of buildings and ruins to navigate to their objectives. Cities of Death introduces a wide range of cityfighting strategems to increase the intensity of games even further. Andy Hoare provides a eloquent description of the intensity of this 40k Warhammer game expansion in the rule book:

“In the nightmare of the 41st millennium, armies battle one another to annihilation amid the shattered ruins of vast cities. Warriors engage in bitter close-quarters battle whilst might battle tanks smash through crumbling buildings, grinding bricks and enemy both beneath their treads.

“In a galaxy in which every planet is a bitterly contested warzone, cities make for the bloodiest of battlefields. Bombed from orbit, the blasted city ruins are overrun by hordes of slavering aliens or crushed beneath the treads of might tanks. It is the bitterest of truths that victory will only be won at brutal close quarters, by an army ruthless and determined enough to drive its enemy from every collapsed building, to root out an eradicate every firebase, and to level every stronghold to deny even a single sniper a vantage point.”

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