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40k Terrain Texture Question

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Cities of Death 209 300x225 40k Terrain Texture QuestionI get questions on 40k Terrain from my readers pretty often, even though I haven’t been posting much the past six months (that’s about to change.) I’ve got no idea how they get my email, but for those industrious enough, I really like answering the questions. Here’s one from Jeret…

From: Jeret
Subject: ideas and help

Hi there i ran across this website when i was looking for scenery ideas for my warhammer 40k armies. Im 17 and very new to this and years ago when my uncle got me into this game we had the original set of rules. the 99 edition. and in that rule book, i saw there was a gun emplacement, there i started my first major project. For the past two weeks ive gone to my work area for 6 hours at a time to work on various scenery projects i have going on….on the emplacemnt though i would like some help and ideas to ways i can improve the texture and definantly painting ideas. ill upload 3 photos to show and any advice you can give me on materials will be fantastic. I know of course, has being new to all this, im not gonna be a pro but practice makes perfect so any help will be gladly appreciated.

Jeret, you don’t need to be a ”pro” for great scenery, though there are some fantastic modelers out there! This is simply a craft and anybody can do a great job. I’m not sure what you’re looking for in “texture”. Simple ideas:

– mix sand with paint (a couple drops of PVC white glue is optional) and just paint it on

– mix talus (from the model railroad section in the hobby store) and 50% pvc glue with 50% water and apply
– spray wall or ceiling texture; if you do this, seal well with spray varnish before painting (it’s water soluble)
– use Citadel’s texture kit
My usual method which I use on both 40k Terrain and Warhammer Armies bases is to use thick paint in random blotches on the surface and then sprinkle with debris (a mix of sand, wood splinters, sprue bits, and more). After this dries, I wet with wet water (water with a couple drops of dish soap) and then wash with paint. I do this before priming. The typical results are shown in these pictures. This takes work, but I also find it to be fairly detailed, realistic, and durable.

I’d love to see the pictures — let me know the link!


Cities of Death 315 300x225 40k Terrain Texture Question

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Cool 40k Terrain at Adepticon!

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Adepticon 2011079 300x225 Cool 40k Terrain at Adepticon!I was looking through my Warhammer  pictures yesterday and realized that I didn’t share any Adetpicon 40k terrain photos. There was some cool stuff! The feature picture here is an exhibition piece brought to the convention by Opposing Forces and they title it “The Defenders of Holy Terra”. As you can see, it based of the Forge

Video on Making Cheap 40k Terrain Wire

Monday, April 4th, 2011

IMG 1350 225x300 Video on Making Cheap 40k Terrain WireDuring the down time at Adepticon, I finished a quick tutorial on making bar*bed wire for 40k terrain and figure bases. An early post discussed this (Making 40k Terrain Bar*bed Wire). This is a great technique for adding depth to your Warhammer scenery.

All you need is… Continue reading

Hirst Arts Tutorial at Adepticon for 40k Terrain

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011
Adepticon 2011047 300x225 Hirst Arts Tutorial at Adepticon for 40k Terrain

Rich Nelson's work with Hirst Arts Molds

During the first day of Adepticon, I attended a couple of great classes. The Hirst Arts terrain molds class by Rich Nelson (writer of Chicago Terrain Factory Blog) was great. This is an invaluable technique for both fantasy and 40k Warhammer

40k Terrain Ideas for Blast Markers

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Nids and Dark Angels on Craters 300x224 40k Terrain Ideas for Blast MarkersSerendipity is always good. I wasn’t planning to write anything for Warhammer 40k Terrain this morning, but as I was getting ready to start work, @CALelicious posted:

“Do you have any suggestions for making terrain for Destroyed – Exploded vehicles?”

Turns out he’s tired of just using blast markers. I’d like to do some projects… Continue reading

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