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Video on Making Cheap 40k Terrain Wire

IMG 1350 225x300 Video on Making Cheap 40k Terrain WireDuring the down time at Adepticon, I finished a quick tutorial on making bar*bed wire for 40k terrain and figure bases. An early post discussed this (Making 40k Terrain Bar*bed Wire). This is a great technique for adding depth to your Warhammer scenery.

All you need is a rotary tool (I use a cordless Dremel) with drill chuck attachment, a small eye hook which fits in the Dremel, and 28 gauge wire (the bead and jewelry section of your local hobby store). Note that I don’t add the barbs to my wire. I think from a scale perspective, this is just unnecessary.

Anyhow, here’s the video. I’ll have more from Adepticon over the next couple weeks.

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