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The Holidays are Tough on Warhammer

Dark Angels on 40k Terrain 300x225 The Holidays are Tough on WarhammerNovember and December are such a tough time on my Warhammer playing and projects. As the end-of-year comes along, work gets hectic and then you’ve got the Holiday stuff and the family gets busy. I’ve got so many cool things going on.

I’m designing a great Cities of Death game board and starting to pull the stuff together for that. I’ve already bought some of the terrain — Shrine of the Aquila, Basilica Administratum, and Sanctum Imperialus. I plan on also buying the Imperial Sector and some other nice tidbits from Games Workshop. I want to design my game board to be modular, but not look modular. Kind of tough.

I’ve got work going on several different Warhammer armies. On the 40k front, I’m working on a large Imperial Guard army and also an Orc Army.  I’ve also got some Tyranid and Dark Angels to do to finish up those two 40k armies. On the Warhammer Fantasy side, I’ve got a few things to tweak on my Empire army. Need to spruce up the units I have a bit (more Lizardmen shields, for example), and add a few other things. I’m also starting High Elves and Skaven using the Island of Blood as the starting point. Did you know that from a unit perspective, you’d have to buy over $400 of miniatures to create what Games Workshop did in Island of Blood? Pretty cool. It’s unfortunate that the High Elf army they start you with there is hard to make legal – you’ve got to add LOTS more infantry. Probably another $200 or so before you can get the ratios right to pay for that griffon.

And it would be nice to get some games in! I haven’t been able to get up to Total Escape Games for a couple of months and haven’t played a single game since the North Star Tournament. Genghis Con will be coming up in February (I need to register – hope I didn’t miss it) and there’s Adepticon in April. Hope to play at both of them. I’ve still got to get my armies designed and see if I need to build anything for those. Maybe I can get that done this week.

So, I’ve lots of fun stuff to do over the next several months. And I’m going to enjoy sharing it with you.

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