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So much going on…

Still haven’t been able to get to the command posts I noted last week on 40k terrain. Need to do a few sketches (so I know where to put doors and windows), cut the MDF, mount the paper forms, cut the windows and doors, make door and window frames out of either card stock or plastic card, add some gravel, barbed wire, and stuff, and paint. Sounds like a short, two hour job, but it’ll end up taking the better part of an afternoon. And when taking pictures and notes, it might take a bit longer. And it’s starting to cool down now so might need to clean up the garage a bit so I can do work in there.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to paint an Empire Army for Warhammer Fantasy. I’m playing in a tournament in November (1st Fantasy tournament I’ve played single — gonna get killed!). Have a 2200 point 121 model army to paint and it’s a serious time sync. Check out my progress at Road to North Star Warhammer Tournament.

CursedTreasures 300x224 So much going on...Found a pretty cool site with some 4′x4′ gaming tables for Lord of the Rings. Some nice simple ideas at Cursed Treasures that would work great for 40k battlefields. My favorite is a Mordor board that would be perfect for Chaos 40k Scenery.

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