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Pumping Station from Grendel’s Lair

I’ve only bought two finished terrain pieces. 40k terrain is so easy and relatively inexpensive to make, it seems silly to buy. But, there are a few places where you can get some pretty good deals on terrain that just works. Jason Watkins, owner of Grendel’s Lair, attends local gaming events (Tacticon and GhengisCon) and sells some fantastic terrain.

I bought a nice Gothic themed pumping station from him at Tacticon 2009. This is a great size for a 40k building, provides good cover, and is mostly playable. It’s made of Games Workshop city bits and some copper piping. It’s heavy, but it’s been very durable. We play it as +5 area terrain and that the building is impassible. Pump House 2 300x224 Pumping Station from Grendels LairPumphouse 1 300x224 Pumping Station from Grendels LairPumphouse 3 300x224 Pumping Station from Grendels LairOnly challenge is the green tubing which can interfere with models. This isn’t a big problem, though, and often we just put models on tubing itself.

I think it would be an excellent 40k scenery piece to add to the outskirts of a city for Cities of Death.

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