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North Star Warhammer Tournament — Day One

Well, day one at the North Star Warhammer GT is done. Great Warhammer Armies, great terrain, good people, and lots of fun.

IMG 0922 North Star Warhammer Tournament    Day OneThe tournament staff here put out some fantastic terrain for us to play on. Each 4′x6′ table is individually themed to specific flavors of the Warhammer world. Chaos, cavern and cave, Lustrian jungle, desert, frozen waste, and more.  Durable and well painted textured playing surface on press board with around five terrain elements per board. Each table is named and has a play card that tells exactly what the rules are for each terrain — impassible, dangerous, obstacle, treat as forest, 3-story building, whatever… They’re all keyed to fantasy, but most would work as superb 40k terrain as well. I’ve gotten lots of good ideas for projects I can do over the winter.

IMG 0917 North Star Warhammer Tournament    Day One

IMG 0931 North Star Warhammer Tournament    Day One

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