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North Star Warhammer Terrain

The North Star Tournament is unique on the Warhammer Tournament circuit. It is of moderate size played in a nice ball room.1 North Star Warhammer Terrain The Tournament team provides 35 tables for players and there is plenty of space – and time. Five matches of two-and-a-half-hours each over two days. There are nice breaks in between the games, too. So, it’s relaxed and low key and just plain fun.

All the armies must be painted to a minimum three color standard. Many tournaments claim this requirement, but the North Star staff really does require it. In return, they provide the best terrain I’ve seen put out at any tournament. Each board is custom designed and named to a Lore authentic area (Lustria, Northern wastes, Altdorf, whatever…). This is posted on a sign at each table along with an explanation of the rules for all terrain along with a stated requirement that players do not move terrain. The result is terrain that is truly fair because everybody using the boards have to deal with the same advantages or challenges.

IMG 0956 300x224 North Star Warhammer TerrainIMG 0981 300x224 North Star Warhammer Terrain

The terrain is executed to an incredible standard, as well. The game boards themselves are durably textured and painted. Where appropriate, tuffs of grass or brush are adhered. Each board has five custom terrain elements. These will range from Fantasy terrain elements, to stalagmites that are played as forests (except they have hard cover), to impassible squig pens to Hobbit holes, and all the other things you can think of within the Warhammer world. A few elements are Games Workshop or Citadel. These included the Watchtower, Dreadstone Blight, a chapel, the Temple of Skulls, and Arcane Ruins. Your armies will look awesome charging across the field. And most are suitable 40k Terrain (I’m not so sure about the Hobbit village). As you look at the pictures, you should be able to get some great ideas.

IMG 0969 300x224 North Star Warhammer TerrainIMG 0987 300x224 North Star Warhammer Terrain

Of course, pulling of an event like this takes a serious commitment. Each table was planned for a specific theme and balance within the overall tournament by the tournament staff. Then Jeron Stiffler and John Stentz worked together to make the bulk of the terrain. Eric Hager did some really cool detail work, including little mushrooms, the hobbit houses, flower boxes, pumpkin patches and more. Alex Wobema helped out in general and in planning and in rules interpretation during the tournament. There are other staff, but I didn’t get their names. They work together through the year to updates and refresh the terrain and in storing the terrain. This is done at staff members home, and I suspect they get the benefit of playing with the terrain through the year. How cool is that?

IMG 0923 300x224 North Star Warhammer TerrainIMG 0925 300x224 North Star Warhammer Terrain

If you every get the chance to go, it’s a great tournament. I was a novice player this time ‘round, and had a great time. The venue is great. The AmericInn has a nice pool and the Mermaid event center has bowling and darts and a huge arcade. And, the terrain is just superb.

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