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Many Warhammer Projects Underway

Tyranid Warrior Prime Warhammer Armies 4 300x225 Many Warhammer Projects UnderwayHad some time off this week, and put it to good use in the improved studio. Cut MDF bases and made various debris to make barricades and obstacles for the Cities of Death project. Made so many polystyrene rocks and bricks that the foam cutter gave my thumb a blister! It’s good to be making great progress on Warhammer scenery again. On top of that, Christmas brought me The Imperial Sector and Imperial Strong Point GW kits, so I’ve got enough work to last till Summer!

Started work on an Ork 40k Army. Assembled and primed five Trukks. Used Army Painter primer for these, and am debating whether I’ll use Quickshade as well.

Finally, I made my first YouTube video! It’s featured on Warhammer Armies. Need to do some work on delivery and camera work, but for a first effort, it’s pretty cool.

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