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Hammer and Bolter — a New Title from Black Library Free

The Black Library has started an e-book store. They are give out a free e-book on Friday’s as a promotion. Today’s is “Hammer and Bolter” and includes stories from all the great Warhammer and 40k authors: Dan Abnett, John Brunner, Sara Cawkwell, Ben Counter, and Anthony Reynolds. There isn’t any images on the web of this book yet; it’s not in Amazon; and it doesn’t even show up on the search bar at The Black Library! However, it’s Issue 1, so I suspect this might be a new periodical compilation of their best work. Any how, it’s probably got great inspiration for Warhammer Armies and 40k Terrain, so check it out!NightBringer1 150x150 Hammer and Bolter    a New Title from Black Library Free

Black Library Digital uses Mobi and Epub readers. I downloaded Mobipocket Reader Desktop 6.2. It looks good!

Lots of good inspiration for 40k terrain can be found in these stories about Uriel and the Ultramarines.  You should check it out.

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