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Day two of North Star Warhammer Tournament — My Bloody End

IMG 09541 300x224 Day two of North Star Warhammer Tournament    My Bloody EndI was reviewing the blog last night and realised I didn’t finish the story about North Star. So… Two days, five matches, and two months of hobbying comes to a close. Seth Richter and I duked it out at the end of the first day, but the Mercenaries of Itza just weren’t able to prevail. Seth fielded Dark Elves. His Warhammer army had a large unit of Cold Ones and a level 4 mage that just ate me up. Normally, this wouldn’t have been that bad as my artillery would just bash them down. However, the terrain and scenario setup didn’t lend itself to that approach and I ended up facing the Cold Ones at nearly full strength. My knights didn’t eat their Wheaties and got creamed. That was pretty much the end. It didn’t help loosing half a unit per turn to the mage. And so the day came to a close…

Day two opened with me pitted against Eric Brooks with another Dark Elves army. Eric had a very different approach than Seth. He had a large unit of Black Guard that just had to be dealt with. This ended up a close match — other than my Knights fleeing off the table as my Pistolliers routed through them on the second turn. I lost by about a bit more than 100 points — and my cowardly Knights, who were never in combat, were worth 270 points. Incidentally, the Pistolliers rallied and finished the game on the table.

IMG 0996 225x300 Day two of North Star Warhammer Tournament    My Bloody End

The final match pretty much summed up my tourney results. Paul Gonsowski fielded his Bretonnian’s confidently. Now, I think a fielded line up of Bretonnian Knights looks awesome — and a bit intimidating, even though they usually don’t stand well after their first charges. My Steam Tank was destroyed in a charge by Knight Errants by a hero with killing blow (for those more experienced players out there, this will sound funny but check out the Bretonnia Army book — this is valid). They overran and engaged my Knights, and crushed my Knights during my following close combat phase. Meanwhile, I continued peppering him with my artillery, but with only marginal effect. Only one or two knights each time — Paul was rolling an incredible series of armor and ward saves. A couple of turns later, most of my army was lying dead on the field.

IMG 0998 300x225 Day two of North Star Warhammer Tournament    My Bloody EndThe End 300x224 Day two of North Star Warhammer Tournament    My Bloody End
And so, the Mercenaries of Itza just didn’t fare so well at the North Star Warhammer Tournament. However,I did. I painted a 2200 point Warhammer Army in about two months to a respectable level of finish. I got to spend a few days with my friend Brian. I met several great guys. And, I got a great tutorial from several players on how to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles at competition level. So, my Road to North Star may have ended on a bloody path, but the adventure was awesome and I look forward to doing it again next year.

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