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Dark Eldar Advance Order Out Today

Pretty exciting — lots of players have been waiting for this Codex update for years. I suspect it won’t disappoint. The models, particulalry the Reavers, look positively awesome. I’ve got to get down to Total Escape games and check out the codex (hope they’ve got the pre-release copy by now). I’m not sure I like the interpretation of the the Wyches. The fluff says that the women of the Dark Eldar just seethe and ooze dark sensuality and the new butch Wyches just don’t do it. Hesperax does, though — nice model.

I wonder if there will be any Dark Eldar 40k terrain released? Or at lease some Dark Eldar terrain modeled in White Dwarf?

Let me know what you think of the new Dark Eldar.

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