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Cities of Death WIP: Work Continues… Slowly.

Cities of Death 01 300x225 Cities of Death WIP: Work Continues... Slowly.My Cities of Death project for 40k Terrain is progressing nicely. Slowly, but its happening. Over the weekend I assembled two more tank traps and a mine field. I’ve also glued sprue bits, cork, and large gravel to the pieces. I’ve completed assembling all but one of my barricades and obstacles. The last one is a mine field with bar*bed wire emplacements.  Once that’s done, I’ll need to: add texture (grit and talus); prime; paint; detail with 40k bits. Towards that end, I need a paint scheme… And then I need a game board suitable for a ruined Imperial city.

I’m going to paint my Warhammer game board grey with highlights — an asphalt kind of look, with maybe a few places of concrete (ceramacrete for you lovers of fluff). For structures, I’m going to try to do a tan. I kind of like the pinkish tan color of Deneb Stone from Games Workshop and am going with something like that. Since I have so many, I’m also hoping I can figure out a way to use house paint on the various 40k buildings and other structures, too, but I doubt that’s going to work. The paint will need to be very fluid and very thin and house paint isn’t. When you add more than just a few percent of water, it kind of stops binding right. I guess I could add medium, but that’s expensive, and it might not work! I definitely do not want to cover up detail on my gothic Imperial buildings (like the Imperial Sector) from Games Workshop!

I went shopping last night in anticipation of moving to the next phase. I bought 1 gallon of grey house paint, 4 quarts of various other shades of house paint, five 8-oz squeeze bottles of acrylic craft paint, more 28 gauge wire for bar*bed wired (if you wonder why the asterisk, its to keep you from being barraged with advertisements on home f*encing), and 32 square feet of 2″ polystyrene!

So, that’s the 40k terrain update. I have take video of all that (not the shopping, of course) and will be posting video soon. In the meantime, these pictures of 40k scenery works in progress will have to do. Two types of tank traps and a pile of rubble.

Cities of Death 02 300x225 Cities of Death WIP: Work Continues... Slowly.Cities of Death 04 300x225 Cities of Death WIP: Work Continues... Slowly.Cities of Death 10 300x225 Cities of Death WIP: Work Continues... Slowly.

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