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Cities of Death WIP: 40k Terrain Sausage…

Cities of Death 161 300x225 Cities of Death WIP: 40k Terrain Sausage...Sometimes you’ve got to be the artist to appreciate the look of art in progress. Making 40k terrain is like making sausage — it looks great in the end, but sometimes the intermediate steps don’t look good to anybody but the chef (artist). I’m ecstatic about how well this Warhammer scenery project is going.

Finally got texture onto my Cities of Death Obstacles and Barricades. Used Woodland Scenics’ Scenery Cement (which is, I’m sure, watered down PVC glue with maybe something added to make it flow). Added a bit of cheap acrylic paint to help tone the debris down. The texture was a mix of sand, talus, ground cork, shavings from trimming miniatures, and cut sprue bits. Just applied the glue mixture liberally and then sprinkled my mix onto it. The result? Truly beautiful! Really! It looks fantastic. Its going to be a pain to paint, but it gave me the rich, mixed look of debris I wanted.

I’ll be able to prime these 40k terrain pieces tonight. I wanted to last night, but its not something to rush. Great Warhammer scenery takes patience. Unfortunately. If I primed last night, the glue may not have been dry. You get weird results when you spray primer on damp surface. Sometimes, that’s good. But, this is a big project and I didn’t want to risk messing it up.

Also, I haven’t sealed the MDF. If it gets too damp, it can warp. The whole point of using the MDF is to have a neat, durable, flat surface to place onto the gaming table. If it warps, it just looks like… its not professional.

One smart thing to do that I forgot? The glue mixture would have been perfect for sealing the MDF and for sealing the polystyrene. I should have just painted all those surfaces yesterday morning and then textured in the afternoon. I could go back and do the exposed surfaces now. However, that seems like entirely too much work. Besides — I’m PSYCHED about how well these are turning out! I’ve got to get painting. So, tonight, its definitely primer.Cities of Death 158 300x225 Cities of Death WIP: 40k Terrain Sausage...

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