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40k Terrain Update

Haven’t had a decent post in a few days, so figured it time to give a Warhammer 40k Terrain update. I am madly painting my Warhammer Empire army for the North Star Tournament next week. See details on the Road to North Star blog, but I’ve posted a few pictures here. In any case, in the past month I’ve painted 60 infantry, 10 knights, and a Steam Tank. I’m in the process of painting 16 Great Swords. After that, I’ve still got 12 handgunners, four characters, and 3 artillery with 12 gunners. That’s over 40 guys in 10 days. I’ve got to cruise. And I’ve still got to do the bases (just flock, gravel, and paint the edges) and the display board.

Half Done CR1 300x194 40k Terrain Update

I think the display board will be a nice project suitable for a write-up on 40k Terrain. I’d like to have a simple ruin, some jungle trees, and a water feature. All suitable for air travel. I don’t know if I can pull off that elaborate a project, but if I do, I’ll add a tutorial here.

And that leaves me on the Imperial Guard Command Posts. I’ve been thinking hard on it. I think I’ll have to use the glue gun to fasten the paper molds to the MDF. I’m going to use artist grade card stock (mat board for framing pictures) for the bunker window frames and the door structure. I’ll mount the barbed wire on posts to protect the entrance, and maybe put in a few sandbags. That will let me post a squad outside the building and another inside the building (when playing Cities of Death). I should be able to post that in a couple of weeks. They’re going to be great 40k buildings.

I’ve got great ideas after that, but really would like to do a reader requested project. I’m interested in relatively low cost projects that can be completed in a weekend — don’t think I’m ready to try to a major fortress right now! Interested in your comments — post them here.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of my developing Empire Army.

Half Done CR2 150x150 40k Terrain UpdateHalf Done CR3 150x150 40k Terrain UpdateHalf Done CR4 150x150 40k Terrain UpdateHalf Done CR5 150x150 40k Terrain Update

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