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40k Terrain — Imperial Guard Command Post Almost Done

Primed Imperial Guard Command Post on 40k Terrain 300x225 40k Terrain    Imperial Guard Command Post Almost Done

Back in September, I told you I would make two great Imperial Guard Command Posts from paper shipping molds. Now that I got through make my Warhammer Army for North Star, I can get back to my 40k Terrian projects. These molds are used for packaging electronics in boxes, and come in many shapes and sizes.

Over the last week, I mounted the paper forms to MDF, made windows out of card stock (matt board, actually), and doors out of foam board. Then I put all sorts of bits on it and some plaster to cover the edges of the molds. I put sand down on that for a bit of texture. Last night I primed.

Next steps are to paint and then add my barbed wire. Should get that done this weekend, so maybe I’ll post the full write-up next week!

These two 40k buildings are going to make great additions to my Warhammer Scenery!

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2 Responses to “40k Terrain — Imperial Guard Command Post Almost Done”

  1. Erwos says:

    Needs a higher resolution picture.

  2. admin says:

    It’s not just resolution — I don’t have a light box and the flash on the camera isn’t quite enough some times. So the contrast suffers. I will find a way, however, to provide better quality photos to my great readers. This picture is linked to a higher resolution photo now, for example. Thanks for the support!

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