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40k Terrain Ideas for Blast Markers

Nids and Dark Angels on Craters 300x224 40k Terrain Ideas for Blast MarkersSerendipity is always good. I wasn’t planning to write anything for Warhammer 40k Terrain this morning, but as I was getting ready to start work, @CALelicious posted:

“Do you have any suggestions for making terrain for Destroyed – Exploded vehicles?”

Turns out he’s tired of just using blast markers. I’d like to do some projects along these lines, too. Here’s some of the options to consider.

Destroyed Vehicles: Two options — improved blast markers or destroyed vehicles. For improved blast markers, I know Games Workshop’s crew uses steel wool sculpted to look like smoke glued to a weight. This looks really good in their pictures on-line and in White Dwarf (when’s the April copy arriving, by the way?) The other alternative is to use vehicles. This could be expensive, but very cool. Disable the vehicle (grav tanks that are broken don’t fly; tracked vehicles should have at least one track off and on the ground, etc…). Then poke some holes in them. The trick here, is that destroyed vehicles will be mostly intact. They should look almost fine until you notice the open hatches, maybe a few holes, scorch marks. A nice effect is to scatter bodies all around the wreck. This is, of course, somewhat expensive. Fortunately, you shouldn’t need many, and eBay’s just a few clicks away.

Exploded Vehicles: This is a bit more fun, and probably less expensive than destroyed vehicles. You can always use the Games Workshop moonscape craters for this. I posted a three part article on sprucing up the basic craters last year: 40k Terrain Deluxe Craters. You can quickly buy some on my 40k Terrain Squidoo Store, too! Just sprinkle a few unused vehicle bits on it and paint ‘em up. Damaging them is always good. This might seem too little, but by my thinking, sometimes when a 40k vehicle blows up, there is unlikely to be much left. However, you can take it to another level!

Get an assembled vehicle — something cheap. It can even be broken or unfinished. Take a rotary tool and cut it down to two or three parts. If you want, you can get really kit bashy here and finish some interiors that will be exposed. Then mount the remains into the craters! This would look very, very cool. You could also custom make the crater using polystyrene, showing the blast radiating from the exposed portion of the wreck. You could use some plaster or hyrocal to sculpt the model into the blast a bit too! This would look VERY nice.

It’d be a nice Warhammer 40k Terrain project too. I’ll put it on my to do list!

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  1. Cynic says:

    You could use the Crater Markers from http://www.terrainfoundry.com

    They are going down a storm on the UK tournament scene.

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