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40k Terrain From Vision to Reality

JasenWoodMikeBiggs 224x300 40k Terrain From Vision to RealityConcept art is awesome. Looking at the preliminary sketches for any work of art, including Warhammer Scenery, is like looking into the mind of the maker. Twitter friend Jasen Wood (@NINJA_SWARM1) sent me this great photo of work he’s doing with Mike Biggs. This is GREAT! The game board they are making will be great scenery for both Warhammer Fantasy Battles and 40k. Its got drama and interest; good vision for how they will make it portable and storable. The terrain plan includes for 25% with two large items that at least obscure line of sight. I think it will be great for any Chaos army, and might work fine for some Xenos world, too.

Jasen and Mike have taken this to the next step already. As you can see from the picture at the bottom of the post, they’re already well into sculpting the terrain. It’s going to look great when they are done!

From a practical perspective, there’s a few things that their work points out.

  • We often thing only in terms of terrain that goes up; Jasen and Mike are adding another dimension with terrain that goes down. This will increase the drama of their work. A practical consideration here: when you make a piece that puts holes or cuts in the game board, you need to mount it on support. Take some contact cement and glue the foam or polystyrene to MDF or plywood of appropriate size.

  • There are a couple approaches to modular game board design that need to be planned. Do you want a static board, or a more dynamic board? Static boards can only be set up one way. They can be more dramatic and realistic than dynamic boards. Dynamic boards can be joined any way you want. They are more flexible, but you can’t have dramatic effects like Jasen and Mike’s ravines.
  • Think BIG! Drama on game boards come from three design elements: size, color, detail. Size is the easiest to do. Make things bigger than you think (within limits, of course). For example, doing this board 4″ thick with really deep ravines and gullies would be just incredible. What you can’t do in size, do with color. Deep, dark colors in the ravines and holes; light colors on the peaks. Lots of washes. Then add dead wood, brush, skulls, wrecks, etc… to add detail.

This is a cool project. Can’t wait to see more.

JasenWoodMikeBiggs2 300x225 40k Terrain From Vision to Reality

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