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40k Terrain: Deluxe Craters Part 1

Games Workshop’s moonscape pack is a pretty good value. For under $20 dollars and well under two hour’s time, you can have five nicely detailed 40k terrain craters. These craters are multi-functional. They can be used in Planetstrike to reflect the pre-game bombardments and fires storms; and they can be used in any Warhammer 40k game to show where tanks or fortifications blew up. In game terms and subject to players’ agreement, craters typically convey a 6+ or sometimes a 5+ cover save as area terrain. They may or may not be considered difficult terrain, again depending on the players’ desires.

Teaser 300x224 40k Terrain: Deluxe Craters Part 1

The craters paint up very nicely right out of the package. Prime them and then base coat in earth tone, follow with a lighter shade over paint, and highlight by dry brushing a light shade. These will look fantastic.

You can take the craters to a much higher level, however. You can mount the craters on MDF or formica or other durable support. You can add boulders and gravel to the craters to make them each more unique and more detailed. And you can add 40k battlefield detritus (from you 40k bitz and the Bits Box) left from whatever was destroyed at the crater and the fighting since then.  This and the next two posts provide step by step instructions showing how you can make your own deluxe 40k terrain craters. This post focuses on tools and materials. The next post helps you assemble the craters. And the final post covers finishing.

You’re going to need a few tools and materials. Tools I used include:

  • Exacto knife with long blades
  • Jigsaw with 20 teeth per inch (TPI) blades (a cordless jigsaw is best)
  • Paint bucket
  • Large and medium paint buckets
  • Dremel rotary tool with cutting blade
  • Fine grain sand paper
  • Drop cloth and news paper
  • Paper towels

1 Craters sm 300x224 40k Terrain: Deluxe Craters Part 1

I might have missed a few things — if I did, sorry. For materials, I used:

  • Games Workshop moonscape (craters)
  • Black or earth tone primer
  • 3M spray adhesive
  • White wood glue (PVA glue)
  • Super glue
  • Flat or matte acrylic house paint
  • Woodland Scenics talus (large and fine grain packages)
  • Misc bits from my terrain bits box and my 40k miniatures bitz
  • Matte varnish or clear spray paint

You probably have many of these things hanging around already. The tools will be usable in many future projects, as will any unused materials. They should all be readily available at your local games and hardware stores.

A note on colors selection. Games Workshop has many sources for how to choose appropriate colors for base, mid-tone, and  highlight colors. One of the best is in Games Workshop’s “How to Paint Citadel Tanks” on page 30.

The next post will review how to assemble all these materials to create your deluxe 40k terrain craters.

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