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40k Terrain: Cool Rules….

Great post on Imperator Dominatus on rules. Has some good 40k terrain tidbits we should all remember. Some examples:

  • If the dice roll is too short, you don’t have to move models through difficult terrain.
  • If a unit fires between terrain elements i.e two trees it gets a 4+ cover save. (Comment: This is subject to interpretation and agreement between the two players because of the line of sight rules.)
  • Units inside terrain may fire through upto 2″ of terrain without that terrain piece confering a cover save. (Comment: I believe this is from the perspective of the firer firing out of the terrain.)

  • A monstrous creature needs 50% of it’s body covered to gain a cover save. (Comment: See, big terrain is good… If you have monsters.)
  • If jump infantry start or end their movement turn in terrain it must take a dangerous terrain test. Though jump infantry can use normal movement if they wish.
  • Units which turbo boost cannot go through difficult terrain.

Teaser 3 300x224 40k Terrain: Cool Rules....

Trygons are just so inconvenient.

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