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40k Terrain — Bits box stuff!

Do you recycle? Do you reuse everything you can, giving things a new life? If so, then 40kTerrain is going to cost you a lot less! You need to start a bits box (soon it’ll be boxes). You put all sorts of odds and ends in the bits box – anything that is CLEAN and can be cut, shaped, glued, or modified to make terrain. Variety is absolutely key. Your imagination is the limit, here. Almost anything can be used. Here’s some ideas and pictures of stuff out of my bits boxes. First, couple of pictures and then the list of stuff.
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  • Sprue bits
  • Old Tamiya tank model
  • Styrofoam packing
  • Table clothes paper and fabric
  • Felt
  • Cottage cheese container
  • Card stock
  • Foam board
  • Hydrocal rocks
  • Train tunnels
  • Wire screen
  • Corks (and a few Scotch bottle tops)
  • Plastic egg container
  • Molded plastic packing
  • Blister packs
  • Heat sync (like CPU heat sinks)
  • Electronics (like old capacitors)
  • Large staples
  • Peach pits (really)
  • Wire (several kinds)
  • Lids
  • Paper tubes
  • Terrarium stuff ($$$$)
  • Boxes (card board or card stock)
  • Paper plates (clean)

  • Wood bits (plywood)
  • Pink board bits (polystyrene)
  • Hair accessories
db3bd7cb17c3b6f 40k Terrain    Bits box stuff!
If you’re a reader of Games Workshop’s stuff, you’ll know the sprue bits can be ground up for rubble. Hydrocal is like plaster, but harder and lighter – model train hobbyists use it for rocks and such.  The plastic egg container looks particularly promising, as does the molded plastic packing material (from a cell phone box). Organic stuff like peach pits won’t keep long without a preservative – in this case, dipping the peach pits in MinWax or something similar should keep them fine. I’m hoping to use them for some type of Tyranid thing. It’s all good for 40k scenery.
f6275e7d471b626 40k Terrain    Bits box stuff!

My favorite bit though is molded paper from packing boxes. These are just perfect for bashing together ferocrete and ceramicrete bunkers, fortifications, and other 40k buildings. This type of material needs some treatment before use, though. A good sealer and maybe some matt varnish or something might make it both more durable and easier to work with. Alternatively, you might try a coat or two of watered down PVA glue. Start your bits box for 40k terrain today. Then you, too, can soon start your own FrankenTerrain project!

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