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40k Terrain – Keeping it fun and simple

One of the things we all often do is make projects too big. I’ve got a bunch of Imperial Guard Chimera’s I’m making right now and I just choose to do too many – I’ve been making tanks for weeks! Well, maybe starting this blog has something to do with it taking so long, but you still get my point.

40k terrain projects have a tendency to be too big, too. What most of us need to do is stay focused on simple projects that incrementally can contribute to making fantastic 40k battlefields. Warhammer Denver meetup group recently had a campaign (the Tarlith campaign) and one of the game nights had some fantastically simple terrain. One of my favorites is a lava field made of polystyrene islands on an orange cloth. This fantastic battlefield was the genius of Damien Garcia, a master modeler who many of you might have met at Adepticon XXX fixing broken models in the main hall.

 40k Terrain – Keeping it fun and simple

The color contrast of this 40k scenery is perfect for great game energy and this provides an interesting base for future rock formations and 40k buildings.

A battlefield like this is that it provides the opporunity for creating some interesting house rules. It also allows the terrain to interact with your armies (OK, killing them) which makes games much more dynamic.

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