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40k Terrain – Great time at Tacticon

Had a great time yesterday at Tacticon 2010 hosted by the Denver Gamers Association. They were in the midst of starting the Warhammer 40k RTT as I walked through. No time this year for me to play, but it would have been nice. There were great 40k Terrain and Armies – here’s just a quick sample of a few.

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You can see Damien’s marines and another iteration of his lava field type terrain. They’ve added some interesting spray paint patterns now to the fabric that took it up a notch. I didn’t want to interrupt the players, so I didn’t ask but suspect they’re just playing the lava colored area as open terrain.

There was quite a bit of good tournament grade 40k scenery here – probably around 30 tables worth. There were some 40k Buildings (I see these particular buildings at many Denver area events). These are notable on 40k Terrain because:

· they are really sturdy (they’re made of ¼” MDF),

· they have some interesting details (the buttresses are stylized eagles and the rough is textured),

· and they have a neat stippling or sponging effect on the walls to give the appearance of stone.

Very simple and very effective. Oh, and the tops come off so you can put troops in them.

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As with any good convention, there’s a nice vendor all. I dropped by and said “Hi!” to Jason from Grendel’s Lair and Steve from Total Escape Games. Grendel’s Lair provides fantastically priced quality terrain – check out Jason’s web site. I’ve got a great pumping station he built that I’ll feature in a future post. Total Escape Games is the local games store I hang out in. 40k on Thursdays and something else neat going on every day.

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