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 40k Terrain – You need it now!

Making 40k terrain may be fun and fantastic terrain will make your 40k battlefield look fantastic. However, what do you do if you need something quick? Making a new battle fortress or an Orc tower or an Eldar web portal takes time. That’s ok – you can play today! There are a few quick tricks.

clip image002  40k Terrain – You need it now! clip image004  40k Terrain – You need it now!

First thing you need is a playing surface – something that looks like ground on the type of planet you wish to play. Games Workshop has a battle matt just for this purpose. You can also buy some great cloth materials at the fabric store. Some of these can be pricy, but always check out their remnants and sales items – the type of stuff you need doesn’t necessarily make great bed spreads and drapes. For my part, I’ve got a great table cloth that has a nice brushed pattern. Nice thing about cloth is you can wash it – or at least just shake it out – to clean it. It’s also REALLY portable. Some samples are show in the illustration below. Note the red cloth. This is actually a heavy paper table cloth; the red really looks good when you are making things look alien!

clip image006  40k Terrain – You need it now!

The next thing you need is to break up the open field a bit. Your traditional choices here are roads, rivers, lakes, buildings, ruins, hedges, walls, trees, and hills. Roads and rivers are easy – get some felt at the fabric store, cut it to suitable lengths and shape and lay it on the surface. You can put paper down to represent anything, of course, but it just doesn’t suit well painted armies! Hedges, trees, and walls are easy, too, but a bit more expensive. Games Workshop 40k terrain includes great walls and barricades, and they have hedges, too. You can also go to your nearest hobby store and look in the train section – you might for some “O”-scale stuff that suits just fine. In the image below, you can see trees bought at a pet store (for reptile habitats), a pond made for wargames surrounded by some large Woodland Scenic trees, some hard pressed pulp paper (used for miniature RC rock crawlers I found at the hobby store), and a small fort I found at a local game store.

clip image008  40k Terrain – You need it now!

Hills and trees get a bit pricier. I don’t like playing by putting cloth over books to represent hills. The models just don’t stay up on these and it’s not worth the hassle. So, you need to buy something that’s readymade – you might be surprised what you find, though! Same goes for trees. There are a few options here, but my favorite is to buy readymade trees at the hobby store. The trick here is to get the right scale. You can get small ones, but the 25mm or so miniatures for 40k just don’t work if you get small trees. If you can, get something suitably large that looks good. You can put two or three trees down on green felt to show the edge of your trees if you’re playing area terrain. An important factor to consider is the scale of the trees – I like to have trees that are at least a few inches high. In the images below, you can see trees that are 4”, 5”, and 6” high from Woodland Scenics.

clip image010  40k Terrain – You need it now! clip image012  40k Terrain – You need it now!

40k buildings may be the hardest to do quickly. There won’t be anything suitable for 40k terrain or Warhammer scenery at the train store. I was lucky and found some at the game store made by other hobbyists. I also found some toy ruins. There are some great readymade buildings available on-line. However, if you’ve started making your terrain bits box, maybe you’ve stored some foam or paper packing items that can be very quickly painted.

Fish tank stuff works well, too. However, it can be really, really pricy. But, sometimes it looks great – good enough to use to compliment your hand made 40k terrain and scenery once you have time to make some. Some of this stuff might be the best way to represent a truly alien landscape, such as the trees I’m showing below.

clip image014  40k Terrain – You need it now!

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