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Warhammer 40k Terrain — Mines

Cities of Death 326 300x225 Warhammer 40k Terrain    MinesBeen doing lots of painting on my Imperial Guard, so my Cities of Death project is maturing a bit slowly right now. However, I did complete an interesting experiment for Warhammer 40k Terrain.

I’ve been working on barricades and obstacles for several weeks. And many of my readers know that one of the major aspects of this has been on improvising tank traps. I’ve also been working on mines.

There’s two specific tricks I’m using for these. First, for the mines, I’ve been using the little round bits you find on Games Workshop sprues. If you look at the picture here, you’ll see two — one on the left of the picture, about the same level as the Ork helmet. The other is to the right.

The mine on the right illustrates the second 40k scenery trick I’m using. I glued a small bit of wire (from window screen, in this case) to the top of the mine. If you look at those little round sprue bits, you’ll note some of them have a little tab — I used that as the point where the wire connects. A bit of super glue and its done.

This great piece of Warhammer scenery is really inexpensive. I bought some plastic rod for the tank traps; and the MDF; and the paint. Everything else was just bits from sprues or other things I had around! I’m in the process of another video tutorial on the whole project. Hopefully have that out sometime soon.

In the meantime, got to finish that Imperial Guard. I’m finishing a 1000 point Imperial Guard army for tournaments over the next three weeks and gotta get ‘em done!

Cities of Death 319 300x225 Warhammer 40k Terrain    MinesCities of Death 314 300x225 Warhammer 40k Terrain    Mines

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