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40k Terrain WIP: Barricades for Cities of Death

Barricades 300x224 40k Terrain WIP: Barricades for Cities of Death

Barricades WIP for Cities of Death

Making real progress now on my first Cities of Death project — barricades and obstacles. I’m starting with these because they are generally useful and because I really want to master adding debris before I tackle the Imperial Sector buildings. I’ve looked at lots of pictures and the secret to great Cities of Death terrain is playable debris fields within the ruins of the hives…

I’ve cut out my MDF bases, made a mountain of debris from poly styrene, and mounted five of six 40k Terrain barricades from Games Workshop. And, I’ve made my SECOND video. This one talks about how to use a foam cutter to make boulders (rocks), girders, bricks, and slabs from polystyrene. This is a great fundamental technique for both 40k scenery and Warhammer scenery. It’s embedded below — enjoy.

I’ll be assembling these pieces over the next week or so, and then finishing with paint. I’ll still put together a written tutorial like I’ve done for other projects — but I do like making the videos. Just wish I was better at it!

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