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Conceptual Designs for Cities of Death

Cities of Death Concepts2 271x300 Conceptual Designs for Cities of Death

Been very busy since Adepticon and couldn’t get back to working on 40k Terrain! Which is a bummer, because I’m completely psyched about getting back to the Cities of Death project, actually doing something to populate the page I put on the web site here. It’s funny — that is my most popular page… And I have nothing on it! Gotta fix that for my loyal readers!

At Adepticon, I met a great guy, Scott Sez (ArtistsEmpire). He and I have been talking about working together on the conceptual design of 40k scenery and 40k terrain projects. He needed to get a better idea of what I was thinking, so here we go.

I want a project that fits on a standard 4′x8′ game board. I want it to be fully modular to enable easy storage, transport, and flexible placement of the terrain features. I also want it to have a since of depth — or height, really — so that it plays on layers. While it will be only a standard size table, I want it to convey a since of epic scale Warhammer 40k terrain — so I’m looking at having effective 40k building heights of 12″-14″. Finally, I’d like it to have an Imperial Gothic flavor with a nice mix of industrial.

There are some specific features I’d like to add. If possible, I want the raised panels shown in my diagrams to have arches and craters that show interior details. I’d like to have lots of pipe runs (Hirsts Arts I think). I’d like to have a bridge or two. And I want to add in at least one water feature.

I’ve been slowly accumulating materials and will start soon. As soon as I finish my 40k scenery mine fields, barricades, etc… Two of those are done, 9 need finishing.

Well that’s all the time I have to write today. I’ve been taking other notes and looking at the work of other great modelers. Also studying WWII ruins and wreckage. I’ve some notes I’ll jot down in the next post… And I’ve got lots of great scenery to talk about from Adepticon… OH, and I one best painted army in my last tournament at the local game store.

Cities of Death Concepts1 300x225 Conceptual Designs for Cities of Death

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