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40k Terrain: Imperial Guard Command Posts are Done!

40k Terrain Imperial Guard Command Posts 225x300 40k Terrain: Imperial Guard Command Posts are Done!

Finally! My two Imperial Guard Command Posts are done. This was a fun 40k scenery project. Using the free form shape of the molded paper packaging forces creativity (which is why I did the sketch in October on 40k Terrain).  The windows are made of matt board; the doors foam board; and the fence posts are sprue frames. I used household matt paint for the majority of the painting.

My plan is to use these 40k buildings for Planetstrike games as a command centre strategm. This provides counter-counter attack to friendly units within 6″. I may also use it as a small bastion. And I don’t see any reason you couldn’t use it as both, of course. However, I’m not sure these work as Warhammer terrain for Cities of Death. They just don’t have the right look to be part of a city scape.

I’ll prepare a tutorial and put it online sometime over Thanksgiving weekend!

Meanwhile, I’ve received some comments about the resolution of my photos. It’s not just resolution — I don’t have a light box and the flash on the camera isn’t quite enough some times. So the contrast suffers. I will find a way, however, to provide better quality photos to my great readers. This picture is linked to a higher resolution photo now, for example.  Thanks for the support!

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4 Responses to “40k Terrain: Imperial Guard Command Posts are Done!”

  1. Erwos says:

    MUCH better. And bad contrast or not, I’m starting to get a handle on what you did. Very clever use of packing materials!

  2. I am trying to build a 40K city in ruins and I could use a little help with how high to build the walls of buildings and an out fortress wall.

  3. Work has been progressing and as of last week(!) I’ve now completed these heavy weapon teams. One of the annoying things though, to make the army more playable, I had to do a fair bit of cutting and hacking of some of my 03 Cadian models, who were assembled into special weapons teams and the like. – So expect some rather dodgy loaders!

  4. There were three large cities on the Single continent. In the largest city called Armaita was a great rebellion, after years of fighting all that is left of the great city is now crumbling ruins and the surrounding areas all but a burnt and ashen wasteland, but this area is not yet deserted now occupied by the last remaining rebels and other miscreants.

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